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/// Since relocating across the country - how has that effected your musical (DJ/events/production)
progression? ///

It’s a whole new ball game. Iowa was an absolutely amazing place to grow up with an incredible
rave history. Although, there are many huge advantages of being in Denver. Firstly, there is much cheaper airfare due to Denver being a hub. Secondly my opportunities at Beta allow me to promote my own night, make more connections as a promoter and bring in talent. Plus, it allows me to expose my own sound.

/// You have visited some out of town locations for DJ gigs - what have you found interesting or
even challenging on some of them? ///

I have been very fortunate to travel with my music. I always try to explore each city as I travel.
Which of course is always something new. I recently got to spend two months touring the former Yugoslavia which has a lot of eye opening history. I would say the most challenging aspect of course in being in a foreign country where you don’t speak the native language. You
really learn to be patient. You must trust your hosts to take care of you, when you are limited in

/// You’re always doing a mix of DJ/production/events - how do you manage all of it? ///

This is such a tricky balance. A friend once said produce / promote / preform….. pick two. I of
course try to keep up on all three. Although, it goes in cycles where I alternate the focus. During the summer I spend a lot of time on the road playing gigs. Always stopping by home to play limited and larger scale events.

For this reason, I don’t manage to get much production done during the summer months. As we go into the winter I will be spending a lot more time around home and getting more production done. I would also say that promotion is growing for me right now. I’ve just started my Beta residency, and my goal is to bring in talent from 1-2 DJs from different crews around the USA. I really want to highlight those who are pushing and promoting what I truly believe is quality techno. I also have a bimonthly show that is time intensive and I focus intently that it fits my vision.

/// Can you tell us a little bit about the labels that you release your music on – and why did you
choose them? ///

The first EP release was an easy choice for me, I went with Kinesis records. This label run by two of my best friends out of Iowa. I initially wanted to get my music out there and especially on an imprint run by people I came up in the scene with. Although, I do have a few remixes out on other labels. For the remixes, I was asked personally to do my own take on some very close
friends tracks. Those labels are some of my good friends: Mustafa Avdić’s, who I toured Europe with, Ekvilibrium Recordings and Angel Alanis’s A Squared Muzik. My next EP has been finished for some time now and will be released on November 21st on Subspec, which is out of Vancouver.

/// Do you have any recent shows-events you’ve gone to that have inspired/impressed you? ///

One I really want to touch on was the recent Chris Liebing show on October 26th in Vancouver.
It was thrown by Proper Productions crew who have brought Sterac recently. Perc is slated to
play in a couple of weeks and is spearheaded by Subspec label boss J. Garret. The crowd came early, stayed late. Everyone was on the dance floor moving as soon as they walked in the door. Additionally, the organization, attention to detail, and passion of the whole crew was just mind blowing. Additionally, Chris played a bit harder than I have heard him play lately which is more to my taste, especially being a big fan of his and Speedy J’s collages. Just a great night of music on a good system, good energy, and proper production.

/// Any artists (or DJs) that you’re really digging right now? ///

This really can depend from day to day but there is always my classics of Perc, anyone on Droid,
Florein Meindl, Dustin Zahn, Doubt, Mike Gervais, Pinion and J. Garret too name a few.

Now more than ever DVS1 has been influencing a lot of my taste along with ø [phase], Cari Lekebusch, Radial, Black Asteroid, Forest People, and Ben Sims

/// Will Denver be your home base forever? Will USA be your home base forever? ///

Colorado has always been like a second home to me. My family has always had a place in the mountains ever since I was born, so as I grew older I spent more and more time out here. They have now actually retired, and so it is nice to stay close to family. I really enjoy living in Denver. Its climate is favorable to me, location, features, and of course it goes along with the growing techno scene. So, I would say for now Denver is going to be my home. I haven’t really
thought much about leaving the USA as my foreign language skills are subpar at best. I am in love with Germany and everything about it, and its thriving techno scene, but again, it’s not going to be happening in my near future.

/// Any upcoming gigs, podcasts, events or releases you want to plug? ///

No major gigs at this point as I am going to be spending more time on production and less gigging through the winter. For releases, my next EP – “Speak” will be released on the 21st. It’s a very acid-based EP for my originals with two very unique takes by Pinion. Pinion who played Primeval one, and Bombardier. For production events I have a show on November 17 that I am putting together. It’s the Minneapolis’s System showcase of Mike Gervais and Andy Fitton. I have been a huge fan of Mike for years now and am super excited to have him be back in Denver. I personally love the way System has done their events for years. It’s very true to the underground and sticks to the music and not silly hype. Plus, each label release has some very
high-quality techno. Overall, it’s a great chance for anyone around Denver to hear truer underground techno from some of the best.